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Seed Flow Control Units

Controlling the seed flow is an essential component of seed treating. You must know the rate of seed being treated to apply a calibrated rate of treatment. Without regulated seed flow, chemical-treating rate is a blind guess, which can be very costly. Our seed flow control units produce regulated seed rates, with minimum seed damage and affordable cost.

TX-7 Seed Flow Control Auger

  • Engineered for gentle seed handling and accurate seed flow control.
  • Provides calibrated seed flow to a G3 applicator when treating cereals, soybeans, chickpeas or green peas.
Saddle Tank Package provides complete treating system, with G3 applicator, TX7 Auger and P1 delivery system.
  • Calibrated seed inlet gate provides seed flow adjustment and stability.
  • Feeds G3 applicator for direct treating from flat bottom or hoppered stores.
  • Isolates treatment from seed in the bin.
  • 7-inch X 12 foot long auger works for treating or simply moving grain.
  • 1 1/2 H.P. electric motor has pre-wired reverser switch for fast cleanout.
  • Comes complete with wheels and handles, for easy movement.
  • Safety inlet cage attaches with 4 bolts.
  • Stretch core welded flighting insures low seed damage and total cleanout.
  • 60-degree discharge tube provides centered flow into G3 applicator for best treating uniformity.
  • Various tanks and pumps to provide complete treating unit.

Conveyall UBGN1017 Seed Flow Control Tube Conveyor

  • This 10" x 17-foot tube conveyor supplies controlled rate seed volume to the G3 applicator hung on it's discharge. With an adjustable inlet gate and powered with a 5 HP motor, it makes the perfect seed delivery unit for treating pulses, soybeans, cotton, rice or similar delicate seeds from hopper bins.

Hopper Bin Seed Flow Control Cones

  • Seed being treated from elevated hopper bins can be flow controlled with GS pre-calibrated flow control cones. These units mount on the G3 applicator inlet, and provide accurate, repeatable seed flow to the applicator. Restrictors are available for cereals, pulses, soybeans or various other crops.
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