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New Chemistry

April, 2005

Treating Products update

BASF is introducing limited amounts of Gemini to Canada this spring. Gemini is a ready to apply version of Charter, with Thiram added for better pythium control. This is a wet, cold weather disease, so if you're seeding early, or expect a cold spring, Gemini would help your crop get off to a good start.

BASF has a new U.S. seed treatments group that will start marketing across the country this year. BASF- U.S. is taking Charter to the cereals market, and Gemini will also be offered in limited amounts..

Bayer will introduce small amounts of Raxil-T to Canada. This is another expanded control spectrum product that again will offer better cold seeding protection. It has been U.S. available for a number of years.

Bayer's Raxil MD-W will supply a dual cereal seed treating capability to U.S. applicators this spring. It contains 2 fungicides and an insecticide for wireworm suppression in a ready to use formulation.

Syngenta - Canada's new Cruiser Maxx Cereals contains Dividend RTA and Cruiser 5FS, for both fungal and wireworm control in cereals. It will only be available from custom applicators this spring. Wireworm control has become a serious issue to root crop growers since the loss of Lindane. The supreme pack access allows cereal treating leading into potato, beet or alfalfa crops, which should limit attack the following year.

Syngenta- U.S. is also introducing Cruiser for the soybean market this year, tank mixed with ApronMaxx RTA, or its concentrate form, CruiserMaxx Pak. We have G3 calibrations for the AM. RTA mix with Cruiser 5FS.

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