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Treater Accessories
to Complete the Package

T1/T1A Treating Solution Mix/Store Tanks

Provide storage and maintain product uniformity when treating cereals, pulses, rice or cotton with water base treatments.

  • 114-Liter (U.S. 30 Gallon) T1 includes hoppered poly tank with large 10-inch top opening, painted steel stand, filter, shutoff valve and all plumbing.
  • T1A - Same properties, but 270 Liter (U.S. 60 Gallon) for higher treating volumes.
  • Hydraulic sparge tube recirculators keep product uniform without shear separation.
  • Built in pump mount provides complete supply system.
  • Hi-flow filter protects the system from solid contaminants.
  • Drill mount slurry mixer included to assure product is initially mixed evenly.
  • 1,300 Bushels of cereals or 550 Bushels of pulses treating capacity per fill with T1.
  • 2,600 Bushels of cereals or 1,100 Bushels of pulses treating capacity per fill with T1A.
  • T1A tanks utilize a 2 pump system; one for low pressure circulation and a second for high pressure delivery to the applicator.
  • P4R Treatment Delivery System
  • G3 or A4 applicator units
  • Dual pump mounts from Twinned G3 applicators. (2 pumps from same tank.)
T1A Tanks - Westlock Plant

T2 30 liter Auger Mount Supply Tank

  • Allows continous treating from 10-liter jugs.
  • 350 bushels of cereal treating capacity per fill.
  • Saddle mounts on TX7 or customer auger
  • Eliminates suction problems and treating delays when treating with 10 liter jugs
  • Comes complete with mount straps, hi-flow filter, vented lid and shutoff valve.

Dual Chemical Feed Kit

  • Allows the same G3 applicator to apply either 1 of 2 chemicals piped into inlet diverter valve.
  • Mounts on G3 chemical inlet port.
  • Comes complete with all fittings, and diverter valve.

M1 / M2 Secondary Tube Mixers

  • M1 and M2 secondary mixers were developed for our G3-1100 Soybean Treating System.
  • M1 units latch mount on G3P treaters.
  • M2 mixers hang from the treater discharge tube conveyor.
  • They add a high finished appearance to the seed while treating at 1,100 bu/hr.
  • M Series mixers combine high throughput ability without electrical power, and total gravity cleanout.
  • Besides providing excellent unpowered secondary mixing, M2 mixers prevent wind blow of seed or chemical when treating into trucks or wagons.
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