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March 17, 2003

Graham Seed Farms Ltd. is pleased to announce the introduction of 4 new applicator upgrade kits for air keg seed treating systems. These kits may be used on AGSCO, GAP or similar keg chemical units.

Kits include the applicator, connecting poly tubing, the control system with glycerine filled gauge and control valve; and calibrated setting charts for most popular application products.

The upgrade kits significantly increase the application accuracy of keg delivery systems, by providing improved chemical and seed delivery accuracy.

Air kegs normally deliver dripper type chemical application (type 2).

  • Adding the A4 applicator upgrade kit moves them up to a type #3 applicator (calibrated nozzle in auger). This will provide 30-40% improved application accuracy.
  • Adding the G3 applicator upgrade kit will take them up to a type # 4 applicator system (calibrated nozzle + uniform seed application). This will elevate accuracy up to 60 % over the original dripper application.
  • The TX7 seed flow control auger supplies accurate seed flow to the G3 applicator, providing the necessary precise seed flow control for high accuracy treating.
  • Pressure control kit for customers with keg and applicator.
    (no applicator or calibrations included.)

The object of the kits is to provide keg users the field benefits of higher accuracy seed treating application, while retaining the ease of their keg chemical delivery system.

The new kits will be available from UFA, FCL, select agriculture suppliers or direct from Graham Seed Farms Ltd.

For further information contact;

Graham Seed Treating Systems Ltd.
Brian Ellis
Phone: 866-556-2846

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