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P6T Field Seed Treating

  • Provides "Just In Time" treating capability. No treated seed in bin augers or trucks. Only seed going into the seeder is treated.
  • Delivers calibrated treating volume, for higher benefit at lower cost, and reduced grain germination damage. Calibrations included for Charter®, Dividend®, Raxil®, Vitaflo280®, liquid inoculants.
  • Allows continuous treating from 10-litre jugs. Includes a 30 litre poly bulk feed hopper tank. Handles any water base product without diluting.
  • Designed for frame mounting on air seeder or nurse truck.
  • A4 Applicator clamps onto fill auger to provide calibrated rates with controlled droplet nonplugging nozzle.
  • Tank discharge filter prevents solids plugging the pump.
  • 12 VDC pumping system powered from air seeder or truck.
  • Includes Complete Treating System including:
    • 30 litre poly. bulk feed tank with discharge tubing and power cable.
    • A4 calibrated auger applicator // Pump + controls in surface mount box.
    • Mounting frame for seeder or truck. Back or bottom mount.
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