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HARDWARE LIST - October, 2004

Toll Free Phone: 1-866-556-2846
Fax: (403) 556-6604
R.R.1, Box 9, Site 9
Olds, Alberta, CANADA T4H 1P2

Factory Direct Order Form
Saddle Tank Package: Small Tank Treating System
includes - G3 applicator (galv), P1 delivery system, 30 litre bulk feed tank and TX7E electric drive seed transfer auger.
Mix & Treat Package: Large Tank Treating System
for cereals or pulses includes - G3 applicator (galv), P4R delivery system, T1- 114 litre mix/store tank and TX7E electric drive transfer auger.
Pkg.6A - as above without auger.
P1AS Seed Treating System
Includes - 30 litre bulk feed tank, 12vdc or 110vac pump and A4S applicator.
P6TS Electric Field Treating System
ncludes - 12 volt pump, air seeder mount brackets, 30 litre hoppered feed tank, and A4 applicator.
7" x 12' Elctric drive Seed Transfer Auger with 110/220v. 1-1/2 hp motor, 110v. Plug, and motor reversing switch.
G3 Applicator
G3 applicator (galv) standard length is 29". Stainless Steel model available.
Mix and Treat
Free Standing tank and pump unit with control valves, recirculation return line, and a Drum Suction Tube with dripless quick disconnect. Available in 2 tank sizes and standard pump or high capacity pump.
Mix/Store Tanks: T2 - 30 litre
auger mount tank. Includes - mount straps, srp and outlet shutoff valve with filter set.
G3 Keg Applicator Upgrade Kit
With optional TX7E transfer auger. Pressure control package, 12' poly tubing, galv. G3, and keg adaptor fittings.
A4S Applicator Upgrade Kit
30' of poly tubing, A4S applicator unit and keg adaptor fittings.
Tank Hi Flo Filter Assembly
with fittings. (add to existing tanks).
Seed Flow Control Kit
provides regulated seed flow , essential with fittings. (add to existing tanks) for accurate treatment rate.
Drum Slurry Mixer
2-1/3 inch x 24 inch unit mounts on 3/8 inch drill.
M2 Conveyor Discharge Mixer Unit
12" inch dia. X 30 inch pulse secondary mixer with hanging chains.
200 liter Drum Slurry Mixer
2 inch x 36 inch unit mounts on 3/8 inch drill.
Individual Cores, discs or strainers
Other minor parts
  • G3 Replacement Manual with nozzle kits
  • Other Replacement Manuals
  • Check Valve Assembly for Flojet pump
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