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G3DS Double Shoot* Applicator

The G3DS™ Double Shoot Applicator provides the option of applying either one, two or both of 2 liquid seed treatments or tank mixes onto seed as it's being transferred.

Custom applicators can now apply a variety of seed treating products together or separately without tank mixing them. This removes the loss risk of premixes that don't get used, while supplying a wider range of customer's needs.


  • Apply fungicides, and/or inoculants, insecticides or micro products simultaneously without premixing.
  • Provides more application options without committing to pre-mixes or multiple treating runs.
  • G3DSP option provides attached M1 secondary mixer for pulse service.
  • Same high speed, high accuracy application as standard G3's.

G3DS Specifications

• G3DS (cereals): 43" (109 cm) without M1 secondary mixer.
• G3DSP (pulse): - 70" (178 cm) with attached M1 secondary mixer.
Installation alternatives
  1. On G3-1100 treating systems or elevated seed hopper bins.
  2. On extended TX7 augers ( 15' long).
• Attached M1 mixer for secondary mixing on pulse service.
• Treatments supply tanks and pump systems.
• Upgrade kits available for existing G3 and G3-1100 systems. (adds 14" height)
* patent pending
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