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G3 Seed Treating Systems
...For Highest Application Speed & Quality

Good seed treatments applied poorly
lose almost all benefit.
If the seed isn't treated evenly and accurately,
you lose!
G3 Applicators deliver high quality coverage, so you get all the benefit you've paid for.

Over 1,000 G3 applicators are treating cereals, pulses, soybeans, rice and cotton at locations from prairie grain fields to Mississippi delta land.

They are working on producer's farms, seed retailer outlets, cleaning plants and custom applicator mobiles. G3 systems deliver the high speed, high accuracy treating necessary for Just-in-time treating that keeps all options open until you're sure the seed is going into the ground.

G3 Keg Adaptor Upgrade Kit

Elevated Bin Applicators
- Cunningham Fertilizer


How the G3 Works
  • The G3 takes a controlled flow of grain, and transforms it into an air suspended curtain of grain - 3 inches thick.
  • Treatment is then cross-applied to the grain curtain uniformly covering each kernel.
  • Seed can go to a transfer auger or bean ladder for secondary mixing.

G3 Seed Treating System Features and Benefits

  • High Treating Uniformity and Rate Accuracy per Seed.
    - Maximum treating benefit is achieved. You get all the benefit you paid for.
    - No 5X rates that can damage seed or untreated seed that reduces crop performance.
  • Highest Benefit Treating at Affordable System Cost.
    - Apply exactly what is needed, not a rough guess.
    - Systems come precalibrated for Canadian and U.S. treating products.
    - Quickly pays for itself with excellent distribution accuracy, accurate chemical rate, and higher crop benefit.
  • High Speed Treating for "Just-In-Time" Application.
    - Up to 1,500 bu. / hour, (3600 bu./ hr with parallel units).
  • Pre-calibrated Rate Tables included for Cereal, Pulse, Soybean, Rice and Cotton Treating.
    - Charts include fungicides, insecticides, inoculants and growth enhancers.
  • No Operator Exposure to Chemical.
    - Our sealed treatment delivery system eliminates operator chemical contact or wind blown exposure
    - Treatment is either in the container, or on the seed.
  • Total Automatic Cleanout
    - Prevents seed admixes, or getting treated into untreated seed.
    - Cleanups or variety changes are rapid and easy
  • Dual Feed Capable
    - The same G3 applicator can apply multiple treatments simply by switching inputs with a dual feed kit.
  • Optional Configurations
    - Galvanized or 304 S.S. contruction.
    - New! G3DS Double-Shoot™ configurations can apply single or multiple treatments without tank mixing.
    - New! G3 Parallel Applicator Systems can deliver up to 3600 bu./ hr on pulses, or 4500 bu./ hr. on cereals.
    - G3P applicators: standard G3's with M1 secondary tube mixers latch mounted on their discharge for pulse treatment secondary mixing.

The G3 System allows you to get all the benefit
from your seed-treating dollar, by treating all the seed
DO IT RIGHT...with a G3 Treating System.

Installation Alternatives

Hopper Bin DischargeMobile Treater
Saddle Tank Package Treating from Flat Bottom StoresElevated Bin Mount G3's Load on to Scale


Treating Rate:

  • Single unit: Up to 1,200 bu./ hr on pulses or 1,500 bu./ hr on cereals.
  • Parallel units: Up to 4500 bu./ hr.
Treatment Feeds:
  • Single or multiple from GS Pressure Delivery Systems
Seed Rate Control:
  • From grain feed system or overhead inlet restrictor cone.
Pre-Calibrated Application Rate Tables included for most Canadian and U.S. Treating Products.

P4/P4R Electrical Treatment
Delivery Systems

P4 delivery systems include a pump, calibrated pressure control system and inlet filter kit. They are designed to do 2 things:

  1. Deliver calibrated treatment volumes directly from storage containers or bulk containers to G3 applicators.
  2. Isolate the operator from chemical contact. Systems come with complete fittings for mounting on T1 tanks or TX7 Transfer Augers.
    P4 systems are capable of working with in Auto-Pac auto control systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Treatment is either in the container, or on the seed. The operator has no chemical contact.
  • Problem free pumps handle most registered liquid pesticides. Self-priming pump can be safely run dry, or pump small grits.
  • The integral suction filter eliminates treating shutdowns from solids entering the system.
  • 110 vac or 12 vdc powered models allow non-powered yard use.
  • Mounts on barrel rim, or bracket mounts on TX7 auger unit and T1 Bulk Tank.
  • 304 S.S. frame protects the controls and resists staining or weathering.

NEW! P4S system provides higher suction and built-in back flow preventer to prevent suction loss when pumping directly from barrels.


  • Barrel suction kits are available for extracting treatments direct from shipping containers.
  • A4S Auger adaptor allows chemical delivery directly to seed in a 6 to 8 inch auger.


  • Mounting: Rim mounts on barrel, or bracket mounts on TX7 auger unit and T1 Bulk Tank.
  • Power: 110 VAC for yard or 12 VDC for mobile units.
  • Capacity: Delivers liquid flows up to 4 litres per minute, at 40 p.s.i.
  • Frame: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Accessories:
    • A4S Auger adaptor allows chemical delivery directly to seed in a 6 to 8 inch auger.
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