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Custom Applicator Systems

G3-1100 System Operating in South Dakota

Our company has two divisions. One makes treating systems for producers; the other designs and manufactures custom systems for high volume applicators. These are seed retailers who provide the added service of Just in time treating of outgoing seed for their customers.

Increasingly seed treating is being done at this point, to avoid the disposal cost and concern of unsold pre-treated seed. As variety numbers grow, there's no way to guess how much of what should be pre-treated at the cleaning plant in mid winter. Just in time treating allows retention of both seed and chemical value, until you're sure it's going to be seeded.

Our custom applicator systems deliver the same high speed, high accuracy treating, allowing seed retailers to provide added service to their customers, and a competitive edge to their marketing programs. It also insures contracted crop seed has the best chance to produce a high quality harvest, if the seed is protected by properly applied treating.

Custom applicator G3TS treating systems offer added features over producer level units.

  • Auto shutdown circuits monitor seed flow or chemical flow, to insure treated quality is high.
  • Remote mount control panels provide centralized system controls.
  • Precision S.S. control valves allow more precise settings.
  • Elevated seed surge bins allow treating from various sources like bulk bins, trucks or mini-bulks.
  • Flow balanced control systems provide stable pump outputs and simplified auto controls.
  • Various chemical pump alternatives allow selection for the particular installation.
  • G3DS™ and parallel G3 applicators introduce new flexibilities and customer service options.

Our calibrated treating systems are helping custom applicators treat cereals, pulses, flax, soybeans, rice, and cotton in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Custom applicator systems usually require particular local needs, so we generally handle them direct from the factory. Our new joint venture with Conveyall, Ramboc and Wheatland is specifically designed to supply custom applicators with turnkey supply of seed treating systems across the Canadian prairies. GS custom treating systems may also be accessed through Phair Systems or HJV Equipment Ltd. in Eastern Canada, or Hamilton Systems in the central U.S.

Call toll free us at 866-556-2846 or 403-556-2846, email or talk to any of the joint venture group. We'll be glad to help design and supply your treater requirements.

Shown below are some typical systems.

Mobile Seed Treater - MTS Seed Treater

Download MTS Brochure [PDF format]
  • The MTS seed treater is designed to efficiently and accurately apply seed treatments to cereal and pulse seed. It will apply fungicides, insecticides, micro-nutrients and other organic compounds.
  • The MTS seed treater has been designed with mobility in mind. The MTS can be towed behind a regular pickup truck. The unit has it's own swing away auger for loading treated product into trucks or surge bins. All that needs to be provided on site is a fill auger and seed supply.
  • The MTS comes with a 150 bu hopper on load cells. The unit can be used for small batch treating or the scale can be used as a flow meter for continuous runs of large volumes.
  • The MTS control panel is simple to use and conveniently mounted at chest level.
  • The MTS is designed to handle any crop and any chemical.
  • The outload auger conveniently swings in making the unit narrow enough to be towed on the highway by a regular 1/2 ton truck.
    • Units can be configured with two or more tanks to offer multiple options of treatment.
    • Units have a built in product transfer function. They can transfer product directly from bulk drums or totes to the product storage tanks.
    • Units can be configured with optional generator to make the units completely self contained.
    • The MTS is capable of treating a full tandem load of seed (500 bu) in twenty five minutes.
    • Units can be custom decaled with company information or advertising.
    • All product transfer is done in a closed system.

G3 / 1100 soybean treating system
- bulk or mini-bulk treating

  • The G3 /1100 system is designed for seed retailers outloading from either mini-bulks or bulk. It incorporates a feed hopper to store mini-bulk volumes, auto shutoff controls, and a grain flow controller for seed rate control to the G3 applicator.

    New - now available with G3 Double Shoot applicators to provide more supply options to your customers more easily.

P40 Bulk Treating System for Pulse Crops

  • The new P40 bulk system uses tube conveyor feeds and discharges, for systems where seed is stored in bulk bins. The unit provides application, chemical stores and secondary mixing in a high speed, low cost, easy to operate package. A feed tube inlet gate controls seed flow, while the discharge tube adds drip pans and a discharge mixer for higher delivered finish.

Typical Systems

Combined Weigh/Treat System - AgricoreUnited
AgricoreUnited Multi product supply units with Cruiser Maxx Cereals capability.
Cargill auto control treating systemG3 adapted to S1000 mix auger doubles throughput speed.
Multi Product Mobile Applicator - AgricoreUnited
Dual G3 Applicator System - 2500 bu./hour - Westlock
Combo Weigh and/or
Treat Tower - SW Terminal
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