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Graham Seed Farms Ltd. has over 50 years of first hand experience in the seed industry. Our knowledge and experimentation has developed superior application systems for seed enhancement.
Our systems are simple, self cleaning, and able to treat all large seeded crops including cereals, pulses, cotton, rice, and flax. They can apply almost all registered treatments, and come pre-calibrated for most current products, including liquid inoculants and Jumpstart®.

Factory Direct Orders and Custom Applicator Systems

Graham Seed Treating Systems Factory
Box 9, Site 9, R.R. #1
Olds, Alberta, CANADA T4H 1P2
Toll Free: 1-866-556-2846 (North America only)
F: 403-556-6604

Regional Retailers

  • Factory Direct
  • Crop Production Services
  • UFA Farm Supply Stores
  • Viterra
  • Select Agriculture Supply Retailers
Crop Production Services
Friendly Acres Seed Farm
Yorkton: P. 306-744-2779
Lloydminster & District Coop
Lloydminster: P. 306-825-8161

Contact:Kevin Cross
Lincoln Farm Supply
Wawota: P. 306-739-2161
Pioneer Coop Stores - Swift Current
Select Agriculture Supply Retailers
Gilbert Plains Coop
Gilbert Plains: P. 204-548-2099
Redfern Farm Services
Brandon: P. 204-725-8596
Rivers: P. 204-328-5325
Minnedosa: P. 204-867-2679
Hamiota: P. 204-764-2259
Kenton: P. 204-838-2326
Neepawa: P. 204-476-2301
Ste. Rose: P. 204-447-4250
Carberry: P. 204-834-3356
Souris: P. 204-483-3249
Hartney: P. 204-858-2038
Deloraine: P. 204-747-2333
Virden: P. 204-748-1122
Melita: P. 204-522-3472
Twin Valley Coop
Birtle: P. 204-842-3388
Select Agriculture Supply Retailers
Eastern Canada - Factory Direct
Central United States
Hamilton Systems
Hamilton, North DakotaP. 800-454-3875
F. 1-701-454-3456
Select Agriculture Supply Retailers
Western United States
Simplot Soil Solutions
Ashton, IdahoP. 208-652-7375; ask for Steve Hansen
Valley Crop Care
Glasglow, MontanaP. 406-263-1416
Wahroonga Enterprises
Marnoo, Victoria: P. 613-5359-2362
F. 613-5359-2205
Europe, Ukraine
Agritema LLC
P. +380 44 521 14 25
F.+380 44 528 61 08

If there is no retailer in your area that can help you, please contact us directly to place an order.
Call toll-free at 1-866-556-2846.

Contact our factory, or any or our retailers
for pricing and use of our seed treating systems.
Start treating your seed right
with GS treating systems, for the greatest benefit from your treating investment.

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