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Welcome to Graham Seed Treating Systems

Graham Seed Treating Systems.

Treating will never slow you down again!
The NEW G40 Seed Treater is now available.
The G40 is based on the same time proven principles
of the G3, the most common treater in Canada.
Download the G40 Brochure [PDF format]

G40 Seed Treater in Action

An Instructional Demonstration
on Using a G40 Seed Treater

We're introducing a seed treating update email on a bi-monthly basis starting in January. It will contain news on chemicals, applicators and things of interest to seed treaters in general. If you're interested in receiving this short update let us know via email at We will keep your address private and you can be de-listed at any time.

We manufacture and market high accuracy affordable application systems for treating large seeded crops like cereals, pulses including soybeans, flax, cotton and rice.

Our systems treat at 15 - 50 bu./minute (24-90 T. / Hr) so they can provide "Just -in-time" treating as the seed is being moved to the field for seeding.

A range of systems provides superior treating capability for all seed treaters, from on-farm producers to high volume custom applicators and seed retailers.

Our Primary Focus
Make seed treating simple, safe and accurate,
while maximizing the seed treatment benefit to the crop in the field.

The site is designed to provide a basis of information about our systems and seed treating generally. For further information, give us or one of our system retailers a call to find out how we can make your seed treating a more enjoyable, profitable experience.

Seed treating system design and sale is our only business. With over 1,000 installations in worldwide use, our experience and innovation can help you deliver better value from your treating operation.

Brian Ellis,
Graham Seed Treating Systems Ltd.

Mobile Seed Treaters

Mobile Seed Treater in Action pt. 1

Mobile Seed Treater in Action pt. 2
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